Tuesday, June 10, 2014

New Car Battery Denver

When buying a new battery for your car, you want good quality at a good price. At Mastermind Enterprises Auto Repair Shop in Denver, we provide quality and value to every one of our customers. Your car battery not only needs to be dependable, but a good value, too.

We've been providing  quality auto repair services to the Denver community, including quality new batteries in Denver since 2002. Since opening our shop, we have determined what batteries work best for both longevity and value for our customers' vehicles. Mastermind Enterprises Auto Repair Shop supplies a complete new battery selection at good prices. 

A battery has a "normal" lifespan of about 4-6 years under normal conditions. Normal conditions mean the battery isn't subjected to extreme temperatures, isn't supplying power for a ton of accessories, goes through full charge cycles, and is connected to a dependable and steady charging system. Typical vehicle conditions include temperature extremes, vibration, short trips down the street, short drives to work, and an ever-increasing array of cell phones, MP3 players, GPS receivers and other devices take a toll on the battery.

Your driving style affects the lifespan of your battery, too. If you take lots of short trips or have a short commute to work, the battery never gets fully charged. Even though the battery shows up as working on routine tests, these short trips result is a shorter battery life.

Whether it's because your battery is old, your lights were left on, the keys were left in your ignition, many car owners will be faced with a dead battery at some time. Hopefully there will be another working car nearby with a good car battery, or you have a manual transmission, so you can jump start your car and get going again soon.

Mastermind Enterprises hopes to encourage people to replace their batteries when needed for optimum health and performance of their vehicles, making tows and jump starts unnecessary.

When you come to Mastermind Enterprises for your new battery in Denver, you know that your installation is being handled by a Master ASE Certified technician. We hope that you will return for your other auto repair and maintenance needs once you see our dedication to quality and service.  

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Friday, June 6, 2014

Auto Repair Coupons in Denver

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