Monday, March 31, 2014

Busy Auto Shop in Denver

The secret about Mastermind Enterprises is OUT - 
Quality auto repair with the best prices in town! 

The cold weather is tough on our cars, and that's been especially true this month. Thank you to our many wonderful customers who continue to bring in your vehicles and our new customers who decided to give us a try! You have kept us very busy this month! Our business continues to grow right along with our family. Your vehicle is important to you and it is a large investment. Thank you for your trust and confidence in Mastermind Enterprises Auto Repair Shop in Denver.

Thanks for staying tuned to our auto repair shop's blog. We have focused our attention this month on keeping up with our customers. We hope to offer more auto repair service updates and news next month. We appreciate your support of our growing family auto repair shop in Denver. We look forward to serving you and your auto repair service needs in April!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

More Than Your Mechanic

Today is our company's birthday. This is a happy occasion for Mastermind Enterprises Auto Repair Shop in Denver, but much more important to us is the fact that we have been blessed to help so many people with their auto repair and service needs all over the Denver, Colorado metro area and people traveling through Denver, too.

Mastermind Enterprises is
Celebrating 12 Years of Automotive Service in Denver

We founded our first automotive company in 2002 when we saw the great need for an honest auto repair service with integrity in Denver. We had experience working in the automotive industry from part stores to shops and we wanted to make a difference in the automotive world.

We Love Our Customers! Our Customers Love Us, Too!

Our growing list of customer reviews continue to prove to us that we made the right choice. Our many happy, satisfied customers remind us everyday how thankful they are that we help keep them and their families and loved ones safe on the road. We are to happy to help you with your car and its specific maintenance needs. Every car and every driver is different, so we custom tailor recommendations for each customer.

Mastermind Enterprises -
Our family taking care of your family.

We have watched our customers families grow with cars and most importantly people. We have been invited to customers' weddings, watched as new babies are added to their families, watched their children grow to drive their first car and more.

Thank you for choosing Mastermind Enterprises
for your auto repair service in Denver!

Our customers have been there to watch us grow over the years as we have added more babies to our family, new toys, and more happy customers, too. Our customers have taught our children new ways of looking at life and even been "adopted" into our family as surrogate aunts, uncles, grandparents and more. Our customers have proven to us that we are more than just your mechanic. We are glad and humbled that so many people have chosen Mastermind Enterprises as the choice for auto repair service in Denver. We thank each one of you for helping us become the success we are today.

The Mastermind - Norm & Heidi Olsen

Thank you for making us your top choice for your auto repair and service needs in Denver! Happy travels to all!