Friday, January 29, 2016

Jeep Auto Repair in Denver

The job of the day at Mastermind Enterprises Auto Care in Denver is a 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee with a water pump failure at only 39,309 miles!

We have never seen a vehicle's water pump fail at such a low mileage! This vehicle went into limp in mode with multiple warning lights going off and engine noise. Luckily for our customer, the water pump is covered under Jeep's Powertrain Warranty. So, this Jeep is headed to the dealer for this repair at no cost to our customer. We also helped our customer get a rental car, set up a tow, and set up her repair appointment.

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Happy Friday!

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Nissan Xterra Repair in Denver

We're always finding interesting things in our customers cars at Mastermind Enterprises Auto Care in Denver. Today, we found a rodent's nest in a 2007 Nissan Xterra air conditioning unit. The nest had been built on top of the cabin air filter. Imagine all the lovely little bugs and germs that were getting pumped into the car's cabin. Not anymore! Good thing our customer had to come in for an oil change!

Happy Throwback Thursday!

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Nissan Brake Repair in Denver

When a simple brake job on a Nissan turns into a nightmare at Mastermind Enterprises!

This 2004 Nissan Titan should have been a simple job, until the front caliper bracket bolts broke off ON BOTH SIDES during the front brake job!!! Then, one wheel stud broke on EACH REAR WHEEL during the rear brake job!! The most symmetrical problems we've ever had on one vehicle! Crazy! Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Jeep Repair in Denver

The Big Job of the Day at Mastermind Enterprises Auto Care in Denver is a 2001 Jeep Cherokee.

Here's the list of the parts we are replacing -

- Radiator
- Radiator Hoses
- Thermostat
- Water Pump
- Spark Plugs & Boots
- Valve Cover Gasket
- Oil Filter Adapter O-Ring (Another shop diagnosed this as a rear main seal leak.)
- Idle Air Control Valve

Hopefully, these repairs will give our customer many more happy miles on the road!

Happy Travel Tuesday!

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