Thursday, February 11, 2016

Chrysler Conquest with Ford Mustang Engine

This is one of our favorite projects we have ever done - a 1988 ‪‎Chrysler‬ ‪Conquest‬ TSI (otherwise known as a ‪Mitsubishi‬ ‪Starion‬). We purchased a rolled over a 1993 ‪‎Ford Mustang‬ Cobra for the drivetrain.

We used the Mustang transmission and converted it to a hydraulic clutch. The motor was bored balanced, blueprinted, studded, and girdled. The entire top end of the motor was done with the Trick Flow street heat package including heads, intake, cam, etc. We installed 24 lb. injectors, a bigger throttle body and mass air, along with a fresh air intake. It took us 4 years to build. It was not the fastest car we ever built, but it would lay down low 11's all day long. We sold it when Heidi needed a surgery that insurance would not cover at the last minute. The last we saw of this car was when it was being loaded onto a car hauler headed to the East Coast. If you see this post and own this car now or know who does, please contact us. We would love to see it again!

Read more about this car ‪on our family blog‬ at soon!

Happy‬ ‪Throwback Thursday‬!

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