Thursday, March 24, 2016

The One Who Shut Us Down

Our repair shop in Denver has been closed for different things over the years - being sick, adding babies to the family, but not ever from a blizzard. Blizzard Selene shut us down, not only during the blizzard, but today, too! Usually, we dig out of snowstorms with the rest of the city and we are back at it the next day.

Today, we went to the shop and the roads were pretty clear considering how much we got dumped on!

When we got to the shop, the parking lot was cleared out and we were ready to get to work after resting with our family yesterday. We disarmed the alarm and noticed it wasn't connected to power. We checked the connection and everything was ok.

The fish tank lights turned on, but we didn't have any office lights. The shop lights turned on, but flickered and were dim. The lift didn't have any power and the air compressor wouldn't even turn on! We had phone service, but the modem showed no internet service.

We decided to call Xcel Energy to see how quickly we would have power back up and running. The customer service rep said she didn't know, but they had 800 people working on it. We decided to close the shop for the day, since we wouldn't be able to get any work completed. We put a note on the door and forwarded the phone.

We got a text message from Xcel in the afternoon and contacted our neighbors to see if power was indeed completely back up. Good news! We just heard that power is back - yay! We will be back in the shop tomorrow! Thank you, Xcel Energy, and all the crews working through the storm! We appreciate it!

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